Finished work!  And a happy recipient, too.  It was  a struggle to get the puppies to separate from the background because they are all the same tones and hues.   I was going to darken the woodwork on the antique couch but it would have turned the artwork into  a discussion about the couch with puppies instead of a picture of two dogs on a couch.   The lively colors and flowing application - along with the curlies of their haircoat - gives a fun, interesting mix of color, action and contrast. 

I think a successful endeavor!
Well!   Look at what we have HERE. A new blog site, created specifically to encourage other artists to pen something every day.  In this way I can also encourage myself to sketch daily as well.  It is fundamental to the growth and development of not only creativity, but skills as an artist. Check back often to see what may have transpired.  Who knows - it just may inspire you to create, too.

A current portrait, this is  a fun little (14"x17") watercolor drawing that will give this pairs' owner a lifetime of enjoyment. 

Still in it's middle phases, this work is meticulously sketched for accuracy and then artistic flair added, and now the watercolors are being added in layers, making sure to add colorized excitement as you go - but bear in mind just 'where' you put these colors, because if I were then to come back and add a complimentary color (a color opposite on the color wheel) on top of it, the resulting color could well be an unpleasant grey.  Be ever vigilant to keep this in mind!  Especially with transparent media and media that isn't absolutely opaque (such as colored pencils, watercolor pencils, even gouache), the colors are going to be filtered thru every layer you put on top of that


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    Hi there!  I am an illustrator by education, medical illustrator to be exact, but an artist at heart.   I genuinely love to teach - I teach at Columbus State University in Columbus, GA, generally teaching the figure arts classes, and also teach individuals that are driven to create.   I adore connecting and encouraging artists past their insecurities and on to great artisans. 


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